[mythtv-users] tuner recommendation

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Jan 29 17:24:20 UTC 2007

JDP DATA wrote:
> Any recommendation on a single slot dual tuner PCI tuner card capable for
> receving NTSC via Air or Cable & Digital ATSC that will work with
> OpenSuse10.2/MythTV?
> I tried the ADSTEch PTV-380-EF, but sadly it doesn't work with Linux  I 
> need
> a single slot card because my Shuttle Xpc has only one empty PCI slot
> available.  I would like to tune both Cable and ATSC.

The present state of things is that you can have a dual NTSC tuner 
(PVR500) or you can have a single tuner which can do NTSC and ATSC 
depending on its setup.
Or you can get a PVR500 for the PCI slot and an HDHomeRun which gives 
you 2 ATSC tuners, for a total of 4 tuners, with 2 on each signal. And I 
would consider that 2 tuners is the minimum for any type of signal.

And remember that 'Cable' can be, and generally is, both analog and 
unencrypted digital.


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