[mythtv-users] X11, Intel i810 & NVidia FX5200, help me get my MythTV back

Tom Corcoran tomc at osits.com
Mon Jan 29 13:39:23 UTC 2007

The history, I installed FC5 on a Celeron P4 (2.4) with a mobo with 
integrated Intel video (i810) and all was sweet.  I installed mythtv and 
got all the modules working and i was almost finished, I just needed to 
add a PCI Nvidia 5200 to get TVOut functioning and I was done, and thats 
when the trouble started.

I made a copy of my Xorg config, I plugged in the 5200 and rebooted, I 
then installed the NVidia driver 
http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_1.0-9746.html rebooted 
my PC and now it just boots into a FC5 blank blue screen with a mouse 
pointer.  None of the other console screens are available and #1 shows 
some of the boot history but nothing relevant.  BTW this output is on 
the i810, the Nvidia has no output.

I then rebooted to runlevel 3 and copied back my original xorg config 
thinking this would resolve my woes but it made no difference, the 
system still goes through a full boot sequence starting all the services 
in the GUI boot screen and then when it satys something like 'Starting 
Avahi.....' it jumps to a blank screen and appears to freeze.  I seem to 
have full network access to the box and am able to SSH to the box no 

I am now at a loss as to how I can backout these changes and get back to 
a working system?  How can i remove any installed nvidia drivers? I 
tried 'yum remove nvidia*' and this seemed to removed some packages but 
I am not sure they all were removed.

I previously had this Nvidia 5200 card working on this machine under FC4 
but then my hard disk upped and died (RIP)

ANy help would be gratefully appreciated.


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