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    Just a thought, have you ried sorting the E-mails in your E-mail 
program on subject groupings?  I find it So much easier to scan the 
E-mails, thats after the program has sorted the E-mail topics to their 
own subdirectories.

    Personally, with mythtv-users I don't have a problem what so ever.

    I just have sympathy for those on Dialup who have to wait while the 
HUGE bulk of E-mails is downloaded, including all the SPAM along with 
the few from MythTV :)

Yeechang Lee wrote:

mythtv-users mailing list
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 Yep, just use auto file and your problems are solved, I have about 3 or
4 lists with similar volumes of traffic each day that and the other 6 or
8 low volume lists get auto filed into outlook folders that I don't even
see until I check in once every few days, that and auto collect into
conversation topics means I just scan down the list of subjects and duck
in to read the ones that interest me.

I'm sorry I posted about www.barcamp.org and the
http://www.barcampusa.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mythtv series but I
thought it would have been a huge event for people of a similar interest
to get together and meet each other. Personally it would be great to
meet some of the people on this list and BarcampUSA seemed like a great
opportunity to do it at.


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