[mythtv-users] Font Sizes

Paul McEnery pmcenery at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 09:37:05 UTC 2007

I am running Gentoo with a latest svn install of mythtv (trunk
r12637). I had everything installed and working but "re-emerged world"
with some new-use flags. I also installed kde (emerge kde). After all
was complete, I rebuild my source install of mythtv. The problem that
I now have, is that the fonts on the main menu of mythtv-setup and
mythfrontend are so large, that some of the menu items have to be
shortened and now end in ....

I tried unmerging kde and removing all of the packages that it
installed, recompiled mythtv, but just cannot get the fonts back to
the "smaller" size that they were before re-emerging.

I tried logging in from my laptop with my DISPLAY exported through the
SSH tunnel, and ran mythtv-setup. The fonts there too appear too big,
so I doubt this has anything to do with the local X configuration

Screen shots of before and after are available below (In particular,
look at menu item number 6) I prefer the slightly smaller look of the
before image, but cant seem to find any settings. I have looked
through the mythfrontend setup menu and found the font size settings,
but this doesn't appear to make any difference. I did notice that the
"scaling theme ... cache..." message picked up the "kde plastik" look
as well, but this can be overriden. Does anyone know where I should
look next?



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