[mythtv-users] Ubuntu Question

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Mon Jan 29 09:31:08 UTC 2007

I'm unsure about this question again.
I want a backend and frontend system that can use normal Ubuntu desktop 
when we're not watching films or listening to music.
That has made me assume that I want the Backend\Frontend\Desktop 
install. However, I don't want to be loading lots of stuff into memory 
when I just want Myth (which will be most of the time). What would you 
recommend in this case? Is there a way to only load up all the extra 
Gnome and stuff when it's actually needed (which will be quite rarely)? 
I'm no longer afraid of the command line so much as the Server instal on 
the Ubuntu community pages looks very detailed. I still need access to 
the Ubuntu desktop occasionally though so that my girlfriend is happy 
using the system for email and browsing etc.

Sorry to be sounding vague. I'm waiting for the postman to deliver my 
5200 and Nova-T cards so that I can finally sink my teeth into MythTV.


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