[mythtv-users] Please shut up!

Rod Rod at Rods.id.au
Mon Jan 29 06:23:09 UTC 2007

    Your complaining about this list?

    This is only 1 of many lists I subscribe to, whats the common 
similarities with this as against the others? EVERYTING your complaining 

    Look, people are quite dumb, give them a few weeks/months and they 
forget, your instructions to say "Try Googling"  if told at first then 
after that time period is forgotten, go back and read the early posts? 
no way, they are deleted on a timed basis or when your HD runs low on 
space.. and the many other annoyances that come upon this list and all 
other lists.

    You can tell the ones that don't learn when they sign up, and almost 
every single E-mail after that, and thats the often tag line at the 
bottom, go read there, asking the list to "Unsubscribe" is what is told 
to you directly in your first E-amil wheny ou sign up for the list, but 
its too easy to winge an complain about the number of E-mails.

    Now about the number of E-mails.  these threads are absolutly 
NOTHING as compared to the amount of SPAM that is flowing around the 

    In 1 year (+/- 1 month) I have had ver 136,000 SPAM E-mails my 
scanner has picked up, I cannot tell how many more it missed, I wish I 
got in 26,000 SPAM E-mails every 6 months.

    Just a thought, have you ried sorting the E-mails in your E-mail 
program on subject groupings?  I find it So much easier to scan the 
E-mails, thats after the program has sorted the E-mail topics to their 
own subdirectories.

    Personally, with mythtv-users I don't have a problem what so ever.

    I just have sympathy for those on Dialup who have to wait while the 
HUGE bulk of E-mails is downloaded, including all the SPAM along with 
the few from MythTV :)

Yeechang Lee wrote:

>This message is not going to make me popular. I don't care. It will
>also be my only statement on the subject.
>[2] Ryan/Taylor, of course, as anyone who's seen season 4 can tell
    Who? Season 4? Not Season 4 of Stargate, Babylon 5, Dr Who, 
ST-OS/TNG/DS9/V/E NFI what Season your talking about

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