[mythtv-users] Album Art and visualize bug?

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Mon Jan 29 05:25:19 UTC 2007

Tim Scholl wrote:
>      >John,
>      >
>      >I have the same problem. All my image are the same
>      >sizes
>      >It seems to work for awhile, but the longer they play
>      >it seems to get more out of
>      >sync.
>      >-- Tim
>     I've narrowed it down to the first album cover that's
>     displayed seems to have the most trouble. If it goes
>     to another random song the art is updated, if it goes
>     back to the first album the album cover doesn't change
>     so anytime it goes back to a song on the first album
>     the cover isn't updated. I added a dummy song and
>     cover to my play list and start it out on this song
>     and then go to random and it seems to change the other
>     covers (missed one though) but then again I'm only
>     testing it on three albums.
> I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this?

I've seen this one too. Both during normal play and when I manually want 
to cycle visualizations. Sometimes it gets into mode where it only 
cycles through the real visualizations but doesn't show the album art, 
although the image is present.

I've noticed lots of small issues with MythMusic, like this one. 
Unfortunately no one is currently actively maintaining / developing 
MythMusic. I think patches that fix some of these problems are most 
welcome :)

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