[mythtv-users] Newbie questions- MySQL, Debian etch, and recording TV

Mike Chandler michaelachandler at cox.net
Sun Jan 28 23:26:02 UTC 2007

Dear list,
(First, Thanks to Nick for helping me out.)

I have a Pentium 4, 3.0 ghz, 1gig ram, Nvidia FX5200 graphics card and an ATI TV wonder VE, tv card. I have dual-boot Debian Etch and windows.
I am on cable internet and cable TV. I can watch and record TV on my windows partition, and I can watch TV on my Debian partiton using KDETV. 

What I cannot seem to do is get ANY program working under Linux which will allow me to record TV. I have tried freevo, mythtv, dvr, and probably some I can't think of.

Seems my main problem is a lack of understanding of the MySQL stuff. I have googled it, and have come up with extensive information, but most of it is dated or not pertinant to my system. I haven't been a ble to find a definite sure method of configuring SQL to work all the time.

So if there are any 'debian etch' users here who are successfully running MythTV (or anything else that would work) and would be willing to show me the right way of doing this, I would be very grateful, as I have wasted many hours fumbling around and getting nowhere.

Thanks for your time.
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