[mythtv-users] Sound issue on only one channel

Lonnie Borntreger myth at borntreger.com
Sun Jan 28 07:54:59 UTC 2007

I have two PVR-500s.  One is an older one with the Phillips tuners, one
has the newer Samsung tuners.  They both have the exact same problem.

I have one channel where the audio "breaks up".  It almost sounds like
an auto gain control clamping hard on it, but it isn't even the loudest
channel I have.  That same channel has perfect sound on all the TVs in
the house, and the video is fine.  I don't have the faintest idea what
could cause this.  I could imagine a driver issue, if it occurred on
other channels, but all the other channels are perfect.

Just so it's clear what I mean, I captured a short clip from that
channel.  It's available at http://www.borntreger.com/77.mpg

Any ideas?

Lonnie Borntreger

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