[mythtv-users] Gentoo 64bit and MythTV completely compatible?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jan 27 21:08:48 UTC 2007

On Jan 27, 2007, at 1:59 PM, John Drescher wrote:

> The pvr250 and 500 work  just as well under 64 bit as they do under 32
> bit.  I do not have a pcHDTV3000  so I can not comment on that.

I had an HD-3000 working on a 64-bit Gentoo box a while ago, though  
not with Myth, so there shouldn't be a problem there.

I was running into more problems due to the constant tinkering with  
the DVB stuff in the kernel, and getting the HD-3000 drivers added to  
it, but that may have settled down by now.

I *really* wish they would go back to the "stable" and "development"  
kernel branches and quit fooling around with the production product.  
Linus has said that this new approach makes kernel development  
"smoother", which is probably true, but so would all of us switching  
to Windows.

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