[mythtv-users] Recordings group filter empty = lockup?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Jan 27 20:08:18 UTC 2007

I think I have noticed a problem that can easily be reproduced.

If you are looking at the list of recordings and you move all of the 
items from that group to another group, you get a screen saying 
something like "There are no recordings scheduled," and hit some buttons 
to go back.  But, nothing works.  The interface is locked up.

The only reason I stumbled upon this is because my wife recorded 
something (20/20) that inadvertently went in to the "Default" group 
rather than the "Adult" group.  When she went looking for it, she 
couldn't find it.  Changing the filter found it as the only item in the 
"Default" group.  So, I moved it to the "Adult" group, which it did 
without a problem.  But, since that left nothing in the "Default" group, 
to which my group filter was currently set to, there was nothing to 
display.  It displayed the proper screen saying that there were no 
recordings, but I couldn't exit out of the screen no matter what command 
I sent it via the remote or keyboard.  I ended having to restart 
mythfrontend manually (kill it, start it) in order to regain control.

I'm not exactly sure if it is just me or it is an actual bug...


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