[mythtv-users] Acer Celeron D 3.x ghz mini computer for HD?

Ivan Kowalenko ivan.kowalenko at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 18:33:38 UTC 2007

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On Jan 23, 2007, at 13.17, Byron Poland wrote:

> http://www.compusa.com/products/product_info.asp? 
> product_code=341979&pfp=browse&tabtype=ts#ts
> I saw this box or possibly a cousin (i don't think it had win mc) at
> my local compusa last night.  For the price it looks like a good
> deal... if it can handle HD content...
> Anyone with experience with HD and celeron D's?  As a sidenote I'm not
> looking for deinterlacing, I can drive my tv at 1080p and let it do
> that.

You mean outputting interlaced 1080i at a modeline of 1080p or  
outputting at 1080i and letting your TV deinterlace, because those  
are two different things I think.

Anyway, I think that can handle 720p easy, probably 1080i. But you'll  
need more RAM. And I suggest picking up an nVidia video card, even if  
it's just the GeForceFX 5200. You can use XvMC and offload some of  
the overhead to the video card, which includes (I think) Bob  
deinterlacing. Keep in mind, though, you'll have to use the nVidia  
binary drivers (closed source).

I have no experience with Celeron D's, but if you don't want to risk  
it, try searching a mail-order place, like Tiger Direct  
(www.tigerdirect.com), NewEgg (www.newegg.com), or use price scouring  
services like PriceWatch (www.pricewatch.com) or PriceGrabber  

> Maybe I'll through a piece of a show onto a usb drive, and try it with
> vlc under windows.. or with a live cd.

That won't be an adequate test. The massive Windows overhead will  
hamper results, and there are some problems with running off of a  
Live CD. My advice is try and see if you can get a "Pen Drive" (USB  
Flash Drive) Linux distro. They're several times faster than a Live  
Disc, and shouldn't have the overhead of Windows.

If you're looking for some HD content to test with, throw a search on  
Google for "Elephant's Dream." It's an open movie done by Project  
Orange that should be available in several different resolutions  
(last I checked, this included 720p, and I think 1080i).
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