[mythtv-users] My Perennial Problems with XvMC (Solved!)

Mythtified mythtified at extrahip.net
Sat Jan 27 14:12:06 UTC 2007

From: "Nate Crosno"
> Mythtified wrote:
>> Dylan - buddy ol pal - the reference you provided was absolutely 
>> fabulous! I substituted my el cheapo 300W power supply for an older Dell 
>> 250W that I had laying around. Booted up and viola! XvMC working like a 
>> charm! Smooth clear picture, and the HD channels are fantastic on my 
>> monitor!
> Out of curiosity, what model Dell was it?  I have a couple laying around 
> that I might try.

It was a Dell Optiplex GX240 - I wonder if there's a way to identify a PS 
that would work vs. one that wouldn't. Perhaps it is just a tolerance thing 
in the manufacture?

Dylan - hope it works out for you and Nate both... thanks again for the 

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