[mythtv-users] Quiet CPU Cooler Recommendations

Rod Rod at Rods.id.au
Fri Jan 26 22:39:21 UTC 2007

    Another thought, if its just the night where you want the most 
silence, and have it running for demand during the day..

    Jump into your BIOS and look up the feature to auto turn on the 
system at a specified time of the day, say 9am.

    At the end of the day, just issue a poweroff command, or sudo it 
from a script that you click on a desktop.

Kirk Bocek wrote:

>Yep, shutting down is certainly a possibility since I'm in the process of 
>setting up separated front and back ends just like you. Thanks.
>Rod wrote:
>>Kirk Bocek wrote:
>>>I need to build a new front-end only box for the bedroom that needs to be dead
>>>silent. I can figure out everything but the CPU/Cooler.
>>>Is there a CPU out there that's powerful enough to playback HD where the
>>>cooler is dead silent? It doesn't need to *record* HD or do transcoding --
>>>I'll do that elsewhere.
>>>Kirk Bocek
>>    Have you considered water cooling of the CPU, then running the tubes 
>>to a cooling tower with a large low speed fan?
>>    I don't have water cooling yet, but my Thermaltake Toughpower PSU 
>>fans can only be heard once the computer is turned off. The PSU fan 
>>continues to run to cool down the unloaded PSU, good idea, limits the 
>>heat buldup with hot components and no air flow.
>>    My mobo only has 1 fan, thats for the CPU, the rest is heat piped.
>>    It may be possible that some manufacturers have mobo's that accept a 
>>mobile CPU which could be running cooler, or have a look at the new 
>>Pentium Duo CPU's and how much cooling they need.
>>    But I doubt that the fan will make much noise over stereo system 
>>while your watching the shows you have recorded, or are you wasting 
>>power by leaving your computer running  while your trying to sleep? I 
>>have Mythbackend running on another system remotely in another room 
>>along with my firewall and file server, that room has the door closed, 
>>but there is still ventilation, gets dang hot in there, don't decide to 
>>put it in a cupboard, imagine how hot it'd get in there without 
>>ventilation :P
>>    Maybe, mate,, the simplest answer would be just to turn off your 
>>computer while your not using it, the damage to components by turning on 
>>and off your computer while you sleep would be less than leaving them 
>>only running  noop's (sitting there twiddling its electric thumbs) and 
>>PSU's are not truly powered down like they used to be (unless you use 
>>that little switch on the back or power board)
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