[mythtv-users] upgrade FC4->FC6 Any issues to be aware of?

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Fri Jan 26 21:04:11 UTC 2007

On Jan 26, 2007, at 3:30 PM, Brian C. Huffman wrote:

> Greg Cope <gregcope at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Has no one tries this yet?
> I've done this upgrade (FC4 -> FC6) via yum.  There were a few  
> things that I had to fix manually, but nothing major.  If you're  
> very comfortable w/ yum / rpm / linux admin, upgrade via yum  
> shouldn't be an issue. Most likely the upgrade from CD would have  
> actually been easier, but I didn't want to waste time downloading  
> the CDs.
> It may be possible to do the OS Core upgrade in tandem w/ the  
> ATRpms upgrade, but I just dumped my DB, removed the myth RPMS,  
> upgraded the OS, and then did the yum install mythtv-suite and  
> reloaded the DB.

I did them in tandem upgrading from FC5 to FC6 w/o a problem on both  
my master backend and primary frontend. Minor issues here and there  
(more so on the x86_64 frontend, due to multilib support changes from  
FC5 to FC6), but no major problems.

> The only issue that I still have is that for some reason it doesn't  
> detect inserted DVDs / CDs automatically.  I'll probably mess with  
> that one of these days, but it's not a show stopper, so I haven't  
> spent the time.

I don't use any DVD/CD stuff on my myth box, but I'd assume this is  
due to gnome-mount and hal. FC6 mounts every disc by name at /media/ 
<disc-name>, rather than at /media/<drive-name>. (i.e., your  
GREAT_MOVIE dvd gets mounted at /media/GREAT_MOVIE, rather than at / 
media/dvd-rom now, and Myth is expecting a static mount location for  
its media monitoring bits, iirc. At least, that'd be the case under  
Gnome, not entirely sure what happens under other desktop  
environments anymore...


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