[mythtv-users] HDHomerun and previews (crashes backend)

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Fri Jan 26 19:47:37 UTC 2007

On Jan 26, 2007, at 2:18 PM, Jake Thompson wrote:

> I don't have a HDHR, but I do have problems with PBS HD.  It has  
> crashed out for me too, I am using a KWorld-ATSC110, it is over  
> cable and QAM256.  Only seems to happen with PBS (WGBH and WGBH2  
> where I live).

Hrm, I should try recording some stuff off WGBH and see what happens...


> On 1/26/07, Michael Tiller <michael.tiller at gmail.com> wrote:
> Geez.  OK, so nobody else on the planet seems to have this  
> problem?  Gulp.  Perhaps I'm just screwed. :-)
> One other thing I forgot to mention which, now seems glaringly  
> important (blush)...I only see this issue on one particular channel  
> (I can hear the groans already).  It's a PBS station.  I should  
> probably just remove it from the channels I tune with the HDHR but  
> the problem is that PBS has some really nice HD content.
> Mainly I'm raising this issue in case developers are interested in  
> trying to improve the robustness the system (HDHR+MythTV).  Mind  
> you, I know that is a lot of work so I'm not demanding it.  I'm  
> just pointing out the issue to give people the chance to make it  
> robust.
> P.S. - This is not related to video thumbnails.  I turned those off  
> long ago because they introduces latency and hiccups while trying  
> to browse shows.
> --
> Mike
> On 1/25/07, Tom Greer <trgreer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been using my HDHomeRun for months capturing in QAM256 without  
> a single backend crash.  It's been rock solid.
> There must be something unique to your setup.  What does your  
> configuration look like?
> Tom
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