[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

Duane Griffin duaneg at dghda.com
Fri Jan 26 17:59:59 UTC 2007

On 26/01/07, Robert Seaton <bobs at itproscorp.com> wrote:
> I think I have narrowed my search down to either the Antec fusion, or
> the Silverstone LC16M. The LC16M has more features, and has an
> integrated IR receiver which in my opinion is a major plus. It also has
> buttons for manual operation. I'm just wondering since this case seems
> to be built for MCE, how hard it would be to get all of these extra
> features working on Linux. The Antec fusion has a much better design,
> however I would have to hack it in order to integrate the IR receiver.
> Any opinions here from anyone? Input would be grateful.

I used the LC16M for my combined BE/FE setup. I needed plenty of PCI
slots and also wanted space for adding extra hard-drives, so a full
ATX case was the best option. Overall I'm very happy with it, and it
certainly looks very nice. However there are a few issues you should
be aware of:
 * The integrated IR receiver seems to be quite non-standard. I've not
managed to get the central "cursor" keys on the remote working, which
makes it rather hard to use. It doesn't seem to work with other
remotes at all.
 * The keys on the case are easily handled but so far I've not managed
to get the knob working.
 * The optical drive door looks nice but it makes a loud and rather
hideous scraping sound when opening and closing.
 * It uses 3-4 USB ports internally and has 3 front USB ports, so if
you want them all to work you will need plenty of USB headers.
 * It is fairly big (and heavy), so do check it will fit OK.

I suspect my problems with the remote are fixable. It seems to work
fine for others so probably it is something stupid I'm doing there.


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