[mythtv-users] Mobile Video Player Recommendations (MPEG4)

Jeff volckaert jvolckaert at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 15:44:30 UTC 2007

> In alot of ways, the PSP is a very good viewing device.  With built-in
> Wifi, it isn't hard to get it to stream content to the device either.  I
> believe ffmpeg has decent support (maybe even a built in profile) for
> transcoding content for it.
> The 4.3" screen is 16:9 and has ample storage options plus you get the
> bonus of some games (heck, Sid Meiers' Pirates is coming out soon and
> that could keep you busy for a long time).  I think they were under $200
> around Thanksgiving.
> Kevin
I've heard alot of good things about video on the PSP (not the UMD
crap through).  I'd love to play around with one for that reason.
Maybe my son will get the PSP bug one of these days.  Or better yet,
maybe the PSP will come out with a new revision (ala DS Lite) and drop
the price.  Speaking of DS Lite... it would be nice if that played
video.  I don't think they take SD cards though.

BTW, I have high hopes of the Wii being a Mythtv Frontend someday.


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