[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations. Silverstone LC16M.

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Fri Jan 26 14:13:34 UTC 2007

Not yet. I'm going to replace my TV in the next week or two, and will  
get cracking on Myth shortly after that. I still don't see anything  
that - to me - beats the Silverstone. The Silverstone isn't perfect  
but I particularly like the door for the optical drive tray - any  
case which requires me to double-sided sticky-tape a rectangle of  
aluminium to get a shiny appearance just isn't going to cut it.

With regards the questions in your other post I have seen no remarks  
on getting the volume dial & play/rewind buttons working in Linux /  
Myth. Even if those are unresponsive, this still looks like the best  
case to me. I think the display and the remote should be fine, tho' -  
I am sure others on this list are using this case.


On 26 Jan 2007, at 12:01, Robert Seaton wrote:
> Did you ever buy this case? If so what was your experience?
> ...
> [snipped]
> ...
>> Whilst I prefer bottom posting myself, don't you find that  
>> consistency
>> aids readability? Whatever one's objections to top- posting, don't  
>> you
>> find that when two other people have top-posted in a reply  
>> already, that
>> _then_ bottom-posting compounds the problem?
>> Anyway...
>> ...
>> The option that is leaping out at me is the Silverstone LC16M [1],  
>> tho'
>> - it's admittedly large, and has more 3.5" bays than you'd  
>> probably want
>> to use in a living-room FE, but it has plenty enough room for tuners
>> inside and (surely?!?) a large passive heat-sink. I know hi-fi
>> components are smaller these days, but the size of the Silverstone  
>> LC16M
>> doesn't seem to me to compare unfavourably with the high-end and
>> fashionable hi-fi separates of only a dozen or so years ago. It has a
>> built-in IR receiver and LCD display and in particular the door  
>> for the
>> optical drive seems particularly well-made & class [2]. I'm sure  
>> this is
>> not the cheapest option, but perhaps neither is making the mistake of
>> buying the wrong case & having to replace it?
>> I'm generally of the belief that buying quality is rarely a  
>> mistake, and
>> even if you decided after some time the Silverstone wasn't the job  
>> for
>> you, I'm sure it would hold its value well for resale.

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