[mythtv-users] Mobile Video Player Recommendations (MPEG4)

Neil Bothwick neil at stfw.net
Fri Jan 26 13:56:53 UTC 2007

On Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:29:37 +1300, Nick Rout wrote:

> I don't actually agree with this. I don't have such a device, but I do
> a bit of research from time to time. I don't believe that the portable
> devices have any problem playing a resolution that is too big -
> providing it isn't so big that it runs out of CPU to od the job - but
> thats not a resolution issue its a CPU issue. In other words a HD
> stream is unlikely to work, but a typical SD resolution xvid file would
> look fine. It  will simply be scaled down to fit the screen.

While most devices will scale videos down to screen size, the limited CPU
power of such devices means that such on-the-fly scaling is not of the
best quality. If you let the PC transcode the videos, in its own time,
you'll have a higher quality video and a much smaller file to boot.

Now if only I could transcode videos to work on my Epson P-2000 which
refuses every set of options I try.

Neil Bothwick

"Bohtre," said Pooh, as his dyslexia worsened

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