[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

Robert Seaton bobs at itproscorp.com
Fri Jan 26 12:20:32 UTC 2007

I think I have narrowed my search down to either the Antec fusion, or
the Silverstone LC16M. The LC16M has more features, and has an
integrated IR receiver which in my opinion is a major plus. It also has
buttons for manual operation. I'm just wondering since this case seems
to be built for MCE, how hard it would be to get all of these extra
features working on Linux. The Antec fusion has a much better design,
however I would have to hack it in order to integrate the IR receiver.
Any opinions here from anyone? Input would be grateful.

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Did you ever buy this case? If so what was your experience? 

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On 25 Dec 2006, at 06:20, Rich West wrote:
> Robert Seaton wrote:
>> Your absotivly right, and I simply can't afford to buy the wrong 
>> case.
>>> ...
>>> First, be a bit cautious about low profile cases.  I got burned 
>>> because one of my tuner cards did not have a LPCI bracket available.
>>> ...
>>> Robert Seaton wrote:
>>>> I'm building a dedicated mythbox. I'm looking for recommendations 
>>>> for a computer case.
>>>> 1. Case must be high quality
>>>> 2. Must be desktop form factor
>>>> 3. Must be small enough to fit on top of my TV 4. Must look good 
>>>> sitting on top of my TV 5. Must fit an ATX board
>>>> Any recommendations, or links would be appreciated.
> The Antec Overture II is a nice looking case with LOTS of room and it 
> is VERY quite.  I had one for about two weeks before I decided to sell

> it since it didn't really suit my needs.  It's a BIG case.  I mean, 
> it's like taking a tower, and leaning it on its side (with all of the 
> drive trays and such properly oriented).  Yes, it is expandable with 
> lots of room for hard drives and such, but, for me, since I was just 
> planning on using it as a FE, it was overkill.
> I ended up going for something very small.. a Shuttle XPC barebones.
> ....
> If you have a separate backend server that is hidden away in a closet 
> somewhere, then it doesn't really matter how loud or ugly that case 
> is; it just matters what the frontend server looks like....

Whilst I prefer bottom posting myself, don't you find that consistency
aids readability? Whatever one's objections to top- posting, don't you
find that when two other people have top-posted in a reply already, that
_then_ bottom-posting compounds the problem?


Seems to me that there are two schools of need here.... I understand the
desire of experienced Mythers to have a Honking Big back-end server and
dainty little front-ends scattered around the house, but it seems to me
that for Myth-n00bs (certainly myself, I'm not sure about Robert?)  the
case for a combined FE/BE is quite compelling. It reduces wiring, the
risk of network issues, it's only one PC to get working and is generally
less emotional / financial / intellectual investment in the initial

In this case the combined FE/BE should really have a reasonable number
of PCI slots - unless I'm mistaken Shuttle & mini-ITX cases generally
accommodate only one, or maybe two, PCI slots (?) and that's pretty
limiting in expandability for a Myth system. You might get a PCI card
with two tuners on it, but what about a wireless PCI card? What should
you find it necessary to add an additional tuner for its hardware MPEG

If you're unable to commit to a complex Myth network in the first
instance then IMO ATX or mini-ATX form factor is the way to go for a
general-purpose Myth box - that'd seem to give you enough room to play
whilst you get the bugs ironed out. Whilst the 5 or 6 PCI slots of a
full-sized ATX case may not be necessary I'm pretty sure that mini-ATX
cases can offer 3 slots... and a full-sized ATX case gives you the
option of using either. I don't fancy the Overture II, myself
- it looks kinda plasticky to me, and not as classy as the Fusion - but
I can see why someone would choose it.

The option that is leaping out at me is the Silverstone LC16M [1], tho'
- it's admittedly large, and has more 3.5" bays than you'd probably want
to use in a living-room FE, but it has plenty enough room for tuners
inside and (surely?!?) a large passive heat-sink. I know hi-fi
components are smaller these days, but the size of the Silverstone LC16M
doesn't seem to me to compare unfavourably with the high-end and
fashionable hi-fi separates of only a dozen or so years ago. It has a
built-in IR receiver and LCD display and in particular the door for the
optical drive seems particularly well-made & class [2]. I'm sure this is
not the cheapest option, but perhaps neither is making the mistake of
buying the wrong case & having to replace it?  
I'm generally of the belief that buying quality is rarely a mistake, and
even if you decided after some time the Silverstone wasn't the job for
you, I'm sure it would hold its value well for resale.


[1] http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-lc16m.htm
[2] http://www.avkorea.co.kr/account/LC16M/IMG_0089-S.jpg
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