[mythtv-users] Mobile Video Player Recommendations (MPEG4)

nick at rout.co.nz nick at rout.co.nz
Fri Jan 26 03:22:45 UTC 2007

> Hullo,
>     I am interested in something like the video ipod. However,
> I am not interested in re-transcoding everything to be
> compatable with the video ipod. Are there any units like from
> iriver or archos that are more mythtv friendly. What exactly
> is the variant of MPEG4 being used by mythtv (since it's not
> H.264) and are there any portable video players that support
> it?

h.264 is only one variant of mpeg4 (specifically part 10) - xvid and divx
are also mpeg4. There is lots of useful codec info at wikipedia.org.

I understand that the vosonic players will play most things, a friend
sells them at this website (prices are NZ).


>      I would like to just "dock" the video player and have
> it sync overnight with minimal muss and fuss, preferably
> being able to completely refresh the 20G or so worth of
> content that could fit on it. So a simple dump/file copy
> onto the device would be ideal.

I also understand they mount like an external disk drive on USB, so just
plug it in and run a script to dump your material onto it.

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