[mythtv-users] Mobile Video Player Recommendations (MPEG4)

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Jan 26 02:21:44 UTC 2007


    I am interested in something like the video ipod. However,
I am not interested in re-transcoding everything to be
compatable with the video ipod. Are there any units like from
iriver or archos that are more mythtv friendly. What exactly
is the variant of MPEG4 being used by mythtv (since it's not
H.264) and are there any portable video players that support

     I would like to just "dock" the video player and have
it sync overnight with minimal muss and fuss, preferably
being able to completely refresh the 20G or so worth of
content that could fit on it. So a simple dump/file copy
onto the device would be ideal.

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