[mythtv-users] HD-3000 card doing NTSC & ATSC

Rich Goodwin rich.goodwin at cox.net
Fri Jan 26 01:26:15 UTC 2007

I have my Myth system somewhat functional (SLED 10 based with "latest"
SVN version on an AMD-64).  At this point, I have one pcHDTV HD-3000
card installed (plan for 2 HD-3000's and 1 Hauppage PVR-350).  Has
anyone gotten the HD-2000 card to automatically handle/switch between
NTSC and ATSC?  

Background to my question:
When configuring the capture card in the backend, I can only get it to
be recognized as an ATSC card.  I selected the option to open the DVB
card for use.  I interpret this to mean - open the card, use it and the
free the card up after use.  I have a local antenna and Cox cable
defined with DataDirect.  Both the antenna & cable listings have both
NTSC & ATSC cannels defined.  I have played with the listing
configuration and essentially loaded both the local antenna & cable
listings simultaneously.  This enabled me to, while using LiveTV, select
some NTSC channel (& watch it) and then manually enter an ATSC channel
and the tuner switched automatically - I think.  I qualify this because
this was after an extremely long day and quite frankly I may have mixed
things up.  But I did some LiveTV recording of iTV (formely PAX) which
is an NTSC channel and some ATSC channels (NBC/ABC/...) from the same
single cable without changing the configuration.  I was not able to make
this happen again so it may have been a fluke.  

Also, is there anyway to configure the HD-3000 to be just NTSC?  It is
recognized as an ATSC card and I cannot seem to change it.



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