[mythtv-users] Need some mythtv setup and debugging advice - recordings not working FC6, Myth 0.20

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 00:24:48 UTC 2007

On 25/01/07, anthony hornby <ahornby at darlug.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am after some mythtv setup advice.
> Here in Darwin we have the following stations available from 4
> multiplex. Scan of all stations and settings at end of email.
> 536625000 - SBS DIGITAL 1&2, SBS HD, SBS RADIO 1&2
> 543625000 - ABC, ABC 2 , ABC HD
> 550500000 - NINE SD, NINE HD
> 557625000 - SCTV , SCTV HD
> Currently I have 2 Hauppauge Win Nova-T PCI cards with Mythtv 0.20
> (atrpms packages - thanks Axel!!) running on fedora core 6. Athlon 3200
> +, Nvidia 7600 card using XVMC, ~35% CPU on HD 1080i material. SPDIF
> passthrough to external amp.
> I have both Nova-T cards setup with tuning delays so they play nice and
> attached to one source called DVB-T (using tv_grab_au) XMLTV. EIT is
> disabled. I have mythfilldatabase running regularly to get the channel
> info. Sometimes there are "unknown" blocks in the guide for some of the
> HD channels due to missing info from my source.
> Live TV works fine for all channels, and I can go back into previously
> watched live tv sessions in the media library and watch them again with
> no problems. However recordings fail, both set from the programme guide
> individually and scheduled. If I schedule a recording from another

This could well be a channel configuration problem - if you run the
backend with adequate logging ('important' will probably be
sufficient, you might need 'record' also) that cause of the failed
recordings will be detailed.

> station in the near future while watching live TV I always get prompted
> with the "mythtv wants to record a program ..." message even though
> there should always be at least one card free for recording. I am new to
> mythtv, I previously used VDR.

There is a mythfrontend option for LiveTV to avoid conflicts with
LiveTV. If you have more than one tuner, MythTV will try to choose a
lower priority tuner for watching LiveTV that will not be interrupted
when scheduled recordings are due to start.

> Initially can someone tell me:
> 1. How to turn up logging on mythfrontend and backend so I can find out
> what is going on.

If you run

# mythbackend -v help

the output will list all of the available logging options. You can do
the same for mythfrontend too. for the backend, you probably want to
use verbose record logging until the problem is cleared up.

> 2. Does the way I have configured devices attached to the one source
> sound correct - have I got the basics right?

Having both cards share the same video source (the same channel lineup
and broadcast medium) is the correct way of doing things.

> 3. Any debugging tips/ steps etc you can recommend.

Taking the time to understand the MythTV system (searching the
mythtv-users archive), using adequate logging to aid diagnosis of
problems, and not trying to do too much too quickly are good starting

> 4. Any reason why a live tv recording might be recorded in 30 minute
> blocks instead of 1 continuous file?

LiveTV breaks up recordings (essentially the same as normal scheduled
recordings, but recorded as long as you watch LiveTV) at their normal
program boundaries - were you watching 30 minute TV programs? You will
not get 1 huge recording file - the advantage of this is that you are
able to save individual LiveTV recordings if you want too, and before
they are expired, without suffering the potential free disk space

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