[mythtv-users] Channel Ordering with QAM/OTA HD

Billy Macdonald billymacdonald at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 22:34:52 UTC 2007


    I just purchased two HD Homerun units.  I have three tuners set to
OTA and one set to QAM.   I only have a couple of the locals in HD
available via QAM, including one I don't pick up via OTA, so the combo
works well.

However, in mythtv-setup, I configured the QAM stations to have 8.1,
13.1 and 9.1 channel numbers to match the channel numbers from the
OTA.  8.1 is the one that isn't available OTA.

The problem I'm having is that 8.1 and 9.1 are not sorted properly in
the EPG.  The are incorrectly at the very end of the list.   I was
able to get them set properly by manually entering atsc_major_chan and
atsc_minor_chan (I think) in the database for these channels, but that
messed up the tunning, so I set those back to 0 for the QAM channels.

The only options I have for channel ordering in the setup is channel
number and channel name.

I'm running 0.20-fixes on a separate frontend.  mythweb sorts them
properly, but I would imagine that is a separate algorithm.


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