[mythtv-users] Power supply for ATX

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Thu Jan 25 22:21:12 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 15:10 -0700, Brian Wood wrote:

> A certain amount of the problem is certainly "my PS is bigger than  
> yours" among gamers, and manufacturers literature trying to sell more  
> expensive units to people with more money than sense.
> The quality of the DC power delivered is more important IMHO than the  
> sheer quantity. Ripple, regulation and other factors matter a lot  
> more than pure wattage in many cases.

As one who likes to think he has more sense than cents, I agree with
this, but how does a guy like me who has been a software guy all his
life cut through the BS? How can I tell that a fan is really a
high-quality fan just because it costs twice as much as another one?
(Ditto for power supplies)


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