[mythtv-users] My Perennial Problems with XvMC

devsk funtoos at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 18:18:36 UTC 2007

> has helped the situation some (browsing the internet no longer causes distortions in recordings),

what does Xvmc have to do with the recording? I thought it was purely for viewing only. What am I missing?


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On 1/24/07, Mythtified <mythtified at extrahip.net> wrote:
Hi - wonder if anyone else has noticed this? I am experiencing the exact
same behavior in my system. When running the BE and capturing HD-3000
programming, mythfrontend shows heavy pixelation and crackling sound (this

is SD and is observced with XvMC, straight XV and also with libmpeg -
mplayer works fine by itself). If I stop Mythfrontend and go to another FE
system upstairs, the picture is great! Something strange going on with my

nvidia card and the HD-3000. Others have had similar problems:


I have also posted there as well - I am currently the last post on that


Any info appreciated...

This thread on the dev list seems to be the most informative (and hopeless) answer that I've found.

There is one final post in the next thread that is the most relevant, so be sure to hit 'next' at the bottom when you are finished.  I've mostly given up.  I switched from a 6200 to a 5200 and that has helped the situation some (browsing the internet no longer causes distortions in recordings), but live TV is still unwatchable.


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