[mythtv-users] Wireless?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jan 25 03:13:48 UTC 2007

Pete Cap wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm building my girlfriend a myth box.
> She doesn't have (or want) cable or internet--her neighbors are nice 
> enough to let her mooch wireless from them.  Does anyone forsee any 
> problems with putting a wireless NIC in the box so it can get its 
> nightly updates from Zap2It?
> It would also be nice if the recordings could be shared out via samba 
> so she could copy recordings to her laptop--can this be done over 
> wireless?  I confess I don't know enough about wireless in general, 
> much less on redhat, to know if you can connect to the box without a 
> WAP mediating for you.  I also wonder about security concerns--I want 
> to restrict access to the box to her laptop alone, so maybe a VPN 
> setup is in order...but she's not a geek so it can't be too complicated!
Save yourself some trouble and buy a wireless bridge (google for it).  
Dlink and Netgear and others sell them.  It connects to the wireless 
network for you and offers your PC an ethernet connection.  Just use a 
short CAT5 cable and you're golden.  No messing with wireless drivers 
under Linux


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