[mythtv-users] proprietary ATI driver - PART 6

Moosy Log moosylog at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 19:52:35 UTC 2007

Many discussions about this subject and I have seen most of them. Still
confused about the following:

Had my tv-out working with the proprietary ATI driver 8.24 and mythTV
0.19(without openGL)

Can not get it to work properly with driver 8.33 and mythTV 0.20 on a 64 bit

This is my last shot before I give up and get myself a nvidia card

1.) Is there anyone that has the ATI proprietary driver version 8.33 working
with TV-OUT and without openGL.
(openGL makes it to slow)

2.) Is the USE_ATI_PROPRIETARY_DRIVER_XVIDEO_HACK  proven to work on 64 bit?
Anyone tried this? Do we need todo this?



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