[mythtv-users] Upgrade Options for $150

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jan 24 03:46:11 UTC 2007

On Jan 23, 2007, at 8:32 PM, Nate Crosno wrote:

> Absolutely!  I know it's a just a joke, but option 4 is out of the
> question. I pray I can keep this 'hobby' under control so she never
> considers option 4 either!

Well I suppose it's better than spending money on gambling, drugs,  
other women or fast cars. At least it keeps you home nights.

> Thanks again for all the tech advice.  I have not kept up on hardware
> specs in a while.

It's hard to keep up these days. The reason for the great deals on  
939 CPUs is that everyone wants the new Intel chips these days, and  
the 939s lock you into DDR RAM while everyone is moving to DDR2. Very  
few people actually need fast CPUs, video transcoding and HD playback  
are a couple of the rare exceptions, even the gamers really need GPU  
power, not CPU punch.

The memory controller on the CPU is both a blessing and a curse I guess.

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