[mythtv-users] 5200 or 6200

Jarod Wilson lists at wilsonet.com
Tue Jan 23 22:27:46 UTC 2007

Kirk Bocek wrote:
> Thanks for the detailed response, Jarod.

No problemo.

> I *assumed* that MythTV would scale the output. But many of my assumption have
> come back to bite me in the ass! :)

Heh, I hear ya.

> I *assume* that 1080i/p native and 1080i/p scaled to 768p will look pretty
> much the same, even on a 50"+ screen.

Should still look pretty good, but always going to be best when 
displayed at native resolution.

> Jarod Wilson wrote:
>> Kirk Bocek wrote:
>>> Jarod, I somehow got the impression when reading your HD guide and others,
>>> that 1080i and 1080p are *not* the same thing as vertical resolution on a PC.
>>> That's why I asked the question.
>> Ah, okay. No, they're the same thing. If you're truly pushing a set at 
>> 1080p, you're running a 1920x1080, progressive-scan resolution. Now, you 
>> *can* run lower resolutions inside the same timings as a higher 
>> resolution to combat overscan issues, so I see where the confusion comes 
>> from, but no, I'm running straight-up 1920x1080p, which fits the display 
>> perfectly (the beauty of a purely digital DVI connection).
>>> Most of the HD screens I've looked at top out the vertical PC resolution
>>> they'll accept at 768.
>> In which case, you're likely powering the set with something like a 
>> 1366x768 progressive-scan mode (which is what the smaller HDTV in my 
>> bedroom takes. :)
>>> I'm wondering if I can play 1080i/p programming if I
>>> have a MythTV box hooked up at this resolution.
>> As long as you have the horsepower and display, you can play back HDTV 
>> content at whatever output resolution you like. I did a demo w/a Myth 
>> box playing 1080i and 720p content inside a projector's native 1024x768 
>> resolution the other day. Myth just scales the video accordingly.

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