[mythtv-users] 5200 or 6200

Jarod Wilson lists at wilsonet.com
Tue Jan 23 21:08:15 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 23/01/07, Jarod Wilson <lists at wilsonet.com> wrote:
>> Kirk Bocek wrote:
>>> Jarod Wilson wrote:
>>>> I've now got it pushing my HDTV at 1920x1080p.
>>> Jarod, what's the PC resolution being output to the screen in this config?
>> Uh, its the very last bit of the part you quoted... :)
>> 1920x1080p == 1920x1080 resolution, progressive-scan. That'd be exactly
>> the video mode my 6200 is pushing to the TV. What else might I have been
>> referring to?
> Ahhh, full 1080p goodness ;)

Lovin' every bit of it too... :)

> Jarod, how do you find upscaling of SD-quality video? Is the video
> card better at it then the scaler (Faroudja?) in the TV?


I don't record very much stuff in sdtv anymore, and part of that which I 
do (mostly BSG and SG-* off SciFi), I greatly prefer myth doing the 
scaling, since its actually 16:9, letterboxed inside 4:3, which mythtv 
makes fit perfectly on my screen, using the full 16:9. But the other 
stuff looks pretty much indistinguishable from the sdtv channels that 
come out of my cable box to the TV (my cable box is a motorola dct-6200, 
also hooked up via DVI). Not a clue what the scaler is in my TV.


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