[mythtv-users] RF remote?

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Tue Jan 23 19:27:39 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 23 January 2007 13:56, Joseph Caputo wrote:
> On 1/23/07, Clint Eaker <ceaker at mindspring.com> wrote:
> > Now that my myth box seems somewhat stable, the next step is getting
> > remote control with LIRC working.  I really don't have the time to fiddle
> > with building a homebrew receiver, so I went out during lunch to buy the
> > hardware for that.
> LIRC does support some USB remote receivers, such as the ATI Remote Wonder,
> X-10 Lola and (IIRC) the Windows MCE remote.  RF vs. IR doesn't make a
> difference to the driver; what's important is that the receiver unit as a
> whole is supported.

Another option is to use a wireless keyboard and to (optionally) program a 
universal remote to send the appropriate codes (IR or RF) to mimic the 
keyboard's operation. That's how I've got mine set up, although I've got to 
go through and tweak my key mapping. I'm using a Lite-On IR keyboard and a 
One For All (UEI) universal remote, but the latter are something of a pain to 
program if the codes for the device you want to emulate aren't in the ROM 
(and keyboards' codes are seldom or never in these remotes' ROMs). Some more 
expensive universal remotes are supposed to be much easier to program via 
direct "learning" mode or downloadable files.

This approach has the advantage of bypassing LIRC, and therefore being easier 
to configure on the Linux/MythTV side; but of course you've then got to 
program your universal remote (or use the big keyboard). I believe there are 
a few advanced things you can do with a LIRC configuration that you can't do 
with a wireless keyboard/universal remote, but I don't recall offhand what 
they are.

Rod Smith

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