[mythtv-users] IceTV Grabber and SVN [Australian Users]

Roo roo.watt at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 12:23:05 UTC 2007


Just thought I would post here regarding my recent resynch to SVN trunk.

As of recently myth (svn trunk) requires that the xml grabbers used for
guide data meet the requirements for discovery (of installed grabbers) by
the tv_find_grabbers app from the xmltv package and comply with the
--capabilities option for grabbers.

The current version of theIceTV grabber does not implement the requires
--capabilities (or --description) command line options needed to be "found"
by mythtv when configuring the video source or be be called by
 I have contacted IceTV support and they say they don't track development
versions of applications they support but that the info will be passed onto
their developers. They do not have a time frame for an update to their

So, Will (thanks mate) from www.tvguide.org.au has updated his grabber to
conform to the updated xmltv grabber specification and it can not only get
guide data from www.tvguide.org.au (for free) but also from IceTV
subscription service. So I configured the tv_grab_au_reg from
www.tvguide.org.au with my username and password for the IceTV login, turned
filtering off and it works.

The upshot of all this is that when I had look at tvguide.org.au data it
shows nearly 7days for all the SD channels in Melbourne, so maybe I might
cancel my IceTV subscription and revert to using tvguide.org.au. Will's
grabber makes it easy to switch between the two data sources easily so it is
worth a look.

Hope this helps someone else out!

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