[mythtv-users] hdhr and power loss during recording

Scott list-mythtv at bluecamel.eml.cc
Tue Jan 23 04:42:16 UTC 2007


I was playing around with my new HD Homerun tonight and was pleased  
with how easy it was to setup with vlc under linux. That got me  
thinking about using it with MythTV though, since it is an external  

A working setup means that the HDHR, network switch, and mythtv  
backend all need to have power. if say the HDHR or the network switch  
loose power, but not the MythTV backend, how will recording in  
progress be affected? Can I expect MythTV "reacquire" access to the  
HDRD after the device resets itself and then continue recording?

Anyone up for a simple experiment? Set MythTV to record then during  
the recording pull the power on the HDHR. Was the signal reacquired  
and did recording continue? Try the same experiment but interrupt  
power to the network switch instead. Repeat both experiments but with  
watching live TV instead. Did the results change?

I'll guess I'll be trying all this myself once the 5 port switch  


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