[mythtv-users] switching to Ubuntu from Fedora???

Peter Baumgartner sgt.hulka at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 03:51:11 UTC 2007

On 1/22/07, Kevin Prudente <brewdente at yahoo.com> wrote:

> stopping me is migrating my LVM partition.  I have a
> root partition on a
> separate drive and I have an LVM partition across 2
> drives.  Will I lose
> the data on the LVM partition by installing Ubuntu?
> Will Ubuntu
> automagically recognize my LVM partition?  Does anyone
> have experience
> with this.

I've been able to read a drive partitioned as LVM in Fedora on Ubuntu.
I believe you'll have to install lvm after installing Ubuntu. It would
be a good idea to make a note of your /etc/fstab settings for the LVM
so you can duplicate them on the new install.

Another thing that is great about Ubuntu http://packages.ubuntu.com. I
wasted so much time looking up rpm package names for Fedora in google.
If you want LVM support in Ubuntu, just do a search on that page for
lvm. You'll find lvm2 and lvm-common will provide what you need. You
can also do these searches in Synaptic, but the website is faster.

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