[mythtv-users] DVI-D/HD video card recommendation

Greg Kutzbach greg.kutzbach at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 03:38:45 UTC 2007

DVI-I means the connector has both analog and digital
DVI-D means the connector just has digital

A card with DVI-I will work just fine for you.  These cards are 
plentiful.  Just get a modern Nvidia chip.



Justin Moore wrote:
> I've spent the better part of the weekend and today reading up on video
> cards and such and my brain is about to melt out of my ears.  I'm
> looking for a PCI-Express video card that can do 720p/1080i over DVI-D.
> I plan to run the signal through a DVI->HDMI cable to my receiver.  I
> don't have the TV yet (that's the next step) so I've got some
> flexibility there.  The perfect card would
> o be fanless
> o do 720p/1080i over DVI-D
> o fit in a PCI-Express slot, and
> o cost between $30 and $50.
> Plugging the myth box straight into the TV isn't an option; everything
> has to go through the receiver or it doesn't pass the Spousal Acceptance
> Test (we already have too many remotes).
> Any recommendations/testimonials?
> Thanks.
> -jdm
> P.S. Under linux, how would I check to see if the card was sending a
> DVI-D signal as opposed to a DVI-A signal (all the cards I've seen have
> DVI-I output).

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