[mythtv-users] New card from pchdtv.com?

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 03:23:14 UTC 2007

Here is link to a recent interview with the CEO of pchdtv.com (the
company who made the first Linux HDTV PCI card):


At the end he mentions working on a new product:

"We hope to have Linux solutions for Satellite and encrypted cable
television users some time this year as well as a solution for Europe
and other countries that don't support the ATSC standard. "

Has anyone seen any other information on this?        A solution for
satellite and encrypted cable?   I wonder what that could be.
Obviously not something cooperatively with Dish/DirecTV/Comcast.
Maybe an encoder card capable of encoding HD to 480p or higher?

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