[mythtv-users] Retrieving zap2it Data for HD Channels

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jan 22 22:47:25 UTC 2007

Kirk Bocek wrote:
> I'm having trouble retrieving programming data for a new HD-5500 card I've 
> installed. The card *does* find a handful of HD channels through Myth's 
> channel scanner and I *can* make successful manual recordings with the card. I 
> have created a new digital lineup at zap2it for my system (Astound - Walnut 
> Creek CA).
> But when I select 'Fetch channels from listing source' in myth-setup, nothing 
> happens. The 'xmltvid' field for the auto-scanned channels remains empty.
> Should I manually enter the xmltvid values? Where would I find those values.
> Is there some other process to allow mythfilldatabase to work?
You need to manually enter the xmltvid.  Tune the channel on the 
frontend and hit "E" to enter the channel editor where you can enter the 
ID.  I found the xmltvids in the URLs on tvlistings.com

Show the listings for your ZIP so that it shows the HD channels
Hover over the HD channel link and you'll see links like:


The stnNum is the xmltvid

See also



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