[mythtv-users] Backend Watchdog??

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 22 22:23:55 UTC 2007

aaron wrote:
> On 22/01/07, *Dave Ansell* <dave at theansells.com
> <mailto:dave at theansells.com>> wrote:
>        My only issue is that the backend service occasionally dies for no
>     aparent reason.  This has been the case in every incarnation to date,
>     whatever I try.   It doesnt happen often, but enought to be
>     annoying and
>     reduce WAF etc.
>        I guess this behaviour is to be expected with any developing
>     software.
>     However it strikes me that it would be relatively simple to set up an
>     independant process to monitor the status of the backend and kick
>     it back
>     into life automatically if it dies.   (ie what I do now manually!)
> Several people (including me) use Daemontools (sorry, I don't have a
> URL handy, check the archives) to accomplish this. The documentation
> is not particuarly good, but once you get that figured out it's fairly
> straightforward to get working.
Great tool.

> It won't handle cases of the backend hanging (which occurs from time
> to time), but it does quite nicely handle cases where the backend crashes.
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