[mythtv-users] Backend Watchdog??

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jan 22 22:20:16 UTC 2007

Dave Ansell wrote:
> Hi,
>      I'm a dedicated myth fan for nearly two years now.
>      My backend system has had several incarnations from Fc3 to Fc6 on two 
> different hardware platforms.
>     My only issue is that the backend service occasionally dies for no 
> aparent reason.  This has been the case in every incarnation to date, 
> whatever I try.   It doesnt happen often, but enought to be annoying and 
> reduce WAF etc.
>     I guess this behaviour is to be expected with any developing software. 
> However it strikes me that it would be relatively simple to set up an 
> independant process to monitor the status of the backend and kick it back 
> into life automatically if it dies.   (ie what I do now manually!)
>     I fully accept that the answer to how to do this may be trivial, but I 
> am light on linux skills so if someone could help me out I would be very 
> gratefull!
Many will chime in with scripts but one thing to keep in mind is that 
this is your opportunity to contribute to the development.  Compile your 
setup with debugging symbols per the documentation on mythtv.org and 
capture a backtrace of this crash and you may be able to identify a bug 
that can be fixed so you never have to watchdog


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