[mythtv-users] Backend Watchdog??

Oliver Lamm mail at oliverlamm.de
Mon Jan 22 21:01:26 UTC 2007

Dave Ansell wrote:
> Hi,
>      I'm a dedicated myth fan for nearly two years now.
>      My backend system has had several incarnations from Fc3 to Fc6 on two 
> different hardware platforms.
>     My only issue is that the backend service occasionally dies for no 
> aparent reason.  This has been the case in every incarnation to date, 
> whatever I try.   It doesnt happen often, but enought to be annoying and 
> reduce WAF etc.
Hi Dave,

I'm starting my backend via the inittab. So if the process dies it is 
restarted straight away. No need for a watchdog :)
Here is my line:

mtbe:2345:respawn:su - mythtv -c "mythbackend  -l 

Cheers, Oli

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