[mythtv-users] Need to buy a graphics card

Damian Surr damian at gingermagic.com
Mon Jan 22 20:22:47 UTC 2007

malcolm torrent wrote:
> Any of those cards will work. However it's not obvious to me with a
> cursory glance that these are passively cooled.
> I've tried several of these and a passive card is mandatory, the fans
> in these budget cards are really whiny. Replace a fan with a heatsink
> for 5 say.
Thanks for this feedback Malcolm
On one, the picture looked like it had no fan. On another, one of the 
reviewers talked about it having no fan. I should check though.
> for ~30 you can get a 128MB 6200 passive card rather than a 5200.
> [http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/104734]
I read somewhere today that depending on which 6200 and which 5200 you 
got, there was very little difference in performance. I have no 
knowledge on the matter though.
Is it fine to use this AGPx8 cards in an AGPx4 slot?
> If you look around you can get 256MB for the same price, but I'm not
> sure of the benefits of more ram here.
> Note that I've had variable results of playback quality [poor colour]
> when using the S-video out. However, i suspect this is more to do with
> my cheap TV than the Graphics card as everything is fantastic on a LCD
> monitor.
Thanks for the warning. I may well have the same problem with the old 
TV, but I'll get a projector as soon as Myth is working properly


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