[mythtv-users] 8VSB and HDHomeRun

Dwight Morgan dwightbulk at charter.net
Mon Jan 22 17:48:30 UTC 2007

I have an Intel DG965Wh, core 2 duo 2.4 ghz running sata on a Seagate 750MB drive. Memory is 1GB DDR2. Software is FC6 2.6.19-1.2895.fc62.6.19-1.2895.f. Mythtv is running .20. installed from RPM using Myth-suite. 

I have the HDHR working, channels are fine. I can watch TV using VLC just fine. However, when I set Myth to record HDTV OTA there are lots of errors during the commercial checking and playback sucks. I tried playback with mplayer and that didn't help. 

The signal is extremely high, no amp needed. Problem occurs on multiple channels. 

Network is a newer 10/100 Netgear firewall/wireless router. I was making the assumption that it is not the network since VLC works? 

Any ideas? 


get /tuner0/deb 
tun: ch=8vsb:545000000 lock=8vsb ss=87 snq=75 seq=100 
dev: resync=0 overflow=0 
ts: bps=19391072 ut=99 te=2 miss=82 
flt: bps=13632256 
net: pps=0 buferr=0 neterr=0 

get /tuner1/deb 
tun: ch=8vsb:497000000 lock=8vsb ss=80 snq=60 seq=100 
dev: resync=0 overflow=0 
ts: bps=19391072 ut=81 te=390 miss=45 
flt: bps=19391072 
net: pps=0 buferr=0 neterr=0
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