[mythtv-users] EPIA SP13000 image quality?

ben_bradshaw at lineone.net ben_bradshaw at lineone.net
Mon Jan 22 09:30:12 UTC 2007

First post here, quick thanks to all the developers for such a great bit
of software!

On to my query, I currently have a separate backend/frontend system based
on 0.19. I'm now looking to build another frontend. My first frontend is
a microATX based system (with Athlon 3200+ CPU) and is working very well.

I now need to build a smaller system (for the kitchen) and so am looking
at the EPIA VIA boards. I'm intending to connect whatever board I buy using
the VGA port to a suitable LCD using the LCD's native resolution (which is
exactly what I'm doing with my current frontend). I'm only interested in
SD content at the moment.

I'm thinking of buying the SP13000 motherboard but would like comments from
anyone who has used this board on the image quality they are getting. There
have been a number of comments on some of the EPIA forums from users who
have experienced bad shadowing/fuzziness from this board when using the VGA
port at high resolutions, see:


If anyone has any experience with this board I'd be very grateful to hear
your thoughts!



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