[mythtv-users] MythTV freezing up

SBMythTV SBMythTV at cox.net
Mon Jan 22 08:21:37 UTC 2007

It's been a while since I posted my problems related to my MythTV box and I
wanted provide some feedback as to what I believe was going on.

I tried everything that was suggested: disable Enable Real Time Threads;
turned off ACPI; master/slave IDE arrangement with a single cable; etc...
as well as a few others that were listed elsewhere. Nothing worked until I
turned off Allow Commercial Flagging on the master backend (not the
frontend) which stabilized the system so it was no longer going into a hard
lock each day. I was really hopeful with some of the suggestions involving
I/O issues. 

However, it wasn't until I read Jarod Wilson's article on "Choosing the
Best File System(s) for MythTV"

that the light bulb went on. Thanks Jarod! I just ordered your book
"Hacking MythTV"...

The bottom line is that I had been using XFS as my file system for my myth
recordings in conjunction with a LVM (logical volume manager)... When I
upgraded from FC3 to FC6 I also wiped out a Windows partition on a second
hard drive and added it to my existing video volume for some extra disk
space. This change must have pushed the limits of the XFS/LVM combination,
plus the fact that the second drive was somewhat older and less capable.  

This weekend I backed up all my data and converted the logical volume from
XFS to ext3 then copied all my data back. Based on my experience so far
today with creating DVDs from recordings and MythTV stability things are
back to normal. 

Anyways, I appreciated all your suggestions!


P.S. Now that I know what's was going on I feel better about building a new
system ;-)

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