[mythtv-users] xbox recommendations

Jack Madison jack at webhouse.cc
Mon Jan 22 03:41:24 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 14:25 -0700, kim gross wrote:

> The mod chip makes it the easiest to install linux, but since you are 
> not interested in being able to play xbox games I would suggest just 
> flashing the bios on your xbox to cromwell that way it can boot straight 
> into linux.  
> A good place to look for more info on xbox linux  is xbox-linux.org  
> They have howto's on how to flash the bios with cromwell, some howto's 
> on installing mod chips etc.  I personally have no experience with the 
> soft mods.
I did do some looking around on xbox-linux.org, but the hardware mod
article I found is almost 3 years old and describing how to flash the
xbox, nothing about a new chip.  It also requires using a game w/special
save games and such.  A search on their site for DuoX2, the cheapest
chip I could find that appears to work, came back with 0 matches.  

If there is a way to flash the bios without using an old game/game
saves/etc and without pulling the hard drive and connecting it hot to a
PC I'd probably give it a shot.  

At the moment I'm leaning toward just buying the DuoX2 chip and
installing Xebian, but I'm still open to suggestions.  I may take a
quick trip to the local GameStop to see if I can find the proper version
of the proper game.

Any other suggestions, is the HD connection worth it (can the xbox as a
mythtv front end keep up)?  Does the xbox remote work well?  

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