[mythtv-users] Whatever happened to HTPC mobos with tv-out?!

glen martin lists at locutory.org
Sun Jan 21 19:25:59 UTC 2007

Right, this looks like a nice board, except that the sideways IDE
connector means that while the board is true mATX, once a cable is
plugged in it doesn't look like it will fit in a mATX space - I need
1/2" more on on side.

Craig Courtney wrote:
> http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16813131014
> I'm putting together and HD front end with this board coupled with a  
> Socket AM2 3200+.  The only downside is you have to order the SPDIF  
> out bracket separate.  I found them at excaliber pc online for $16  
> each.  I've had it working several times over the last week and a  
> half and it performs fine.  I've only had stuttering problems (audio  
> issues) when playing back a perfect rip DV.  I'm rebuilding  
> everything clean (software wise) right now, so keep fingers crossed.
> For anyone using this board with linux make sure you upgrade the bios  
> to the latest version before installing (which you can do from bios  
> with a usb flash drive nice!).  In addition don't install cpuspeed  
> (at least in Fedora Core 6) as it causes the machine to hang.
> I've put the thing in an Antec Fusion case and it's nearly silent  
> after removing one of the large case fans.
> Craig
> On Jan 21, 2007, at 1:40 PM, glen martin wrote:
>> I'm getting the sense the TV world has passed me by ...
>> I built a HD-capable frontend a while back on a Asus mobo with a TV- 
>> out
>> connector on the board. Sweet little box, no cards so lots of airflow
>> with little fan.
>> Lately however that packed it in so I get looking at replacements and
>> there isn't much out there. Lots of boards with DVI connectors, but  
>> not
>> much with an s-video either on the back or even as a header.
>> The replacement board from Asus A8N-VM CSM/NBP is an update of the  
>> board
>> I was using before - and update, that is, that removed the TV-out
>> header.   I thought newegg used to have a "TV-out" selector in its  
>> power
>> search. It certainly doesn't now. Going through all the boards  
>> there has
>> been tedious in the extreme. I also went to most of the major
>> manufacturer's sites and went through all their boards, in case there
>> was one Newegg doesn't carry.
>> I only found a couple, each with some glaring fault for me. For  
>> example,
>> only one PATA connector. My HTPC case mounts my drives in different
>> places so I need to use 2 cables. One claimed to be mATX but wasn't  
>> - it
>> was 9.6" by 10.6". Asus actually builds another board that has a TV- 
>> out
>> header, N2NPV-VM, but they made a very strange decision to mount the
>> second IDE header sideways, requiring the plug to come in through the
>> wall of my case. they must figure folks install mATX HTPC boards in
>> cases with lots of extra room.
>> So I'm puzzled.  Anyone have a suggestion for a modern (that is,
>> available in retail) mobo with:
>>  - *real* mATX (no sideways connectors, or 9.6x10.6")
>>  - 2 PATA connectos
>>  - onboard nvidia graphics
>>  - TV-out header or backpanel
>>  - sound
>>  - network
>>  - that works :)
>> Sure, I could buy an add-on video card, if I wanted to reduce airflow
>> and spend as much or more for video as for the whole mobo.  And sure I
>> could use an external VGA-svideo converter, same comment about  
>> expense.
>> I might even go the external route if that will produce a much better
>> quality picture, but I haven't read much comment on that here.
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