[mythtv-users] MythTV vs Media Center - funny

Gary Dawes gary.dawes at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 17:30:49 UTC 2007

Interesting. I have a workmate, (we are both in IT support), who after being
pusuaded by me, in his limited spare time has been setting up a mythbox
based on a barebones Media center PC manufactured by FIC. In the UK it was
sold by Elonex until they went bust.

He's been getting frustrated, and obtained a copy of MCE to see if it fared
any better with his hardware, which was designed as an MCE platform, and
like yourself it did not discover half the hardware and failed to launch
full stop.

He then chucked the latest knoppmyth on it, and had a working system minus
the channel setup in about 40 minutes. He's some back to the right side of
the tracks.


On 21/01/07, Mark Abreu <mark at gags-r-us.org> wrote:
> Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a Windows guy.  Actually I started life as a
> PDP-11/RSX guy and did a lot of VAX/VMS stuff, but now I spend a lot of time
> in front of Windows machines at work and at home.  I've wanted to do some
> Linux stuff but didn't have a good project until I decided to try building a
> MythTV.  I work with a guy who's a real Windows hard-head and he routinely
> has verbal wars with the resident Linux hard-head, so when he heard I was
> going to build a MythTV box he brought over a blank hard drive, two Media
> Center install CDs and a MCE remote.  He wants me to compare the two
> installs.  So about 4 hours ago I started down the Media Center road and as
> I write this it still isn't working - and I'm going to bed.  This is sort of
> funny to me as it's not at all what I expected and I'm sure the Windows guy
> I work with won't be too happy about this experiment.  Here's a brief list
> of the issues so far:
> 1. The Media Center install kit didn't see my PVR-150 and do the "found
> new hardware" routine.  An easy issue to work around but very un-windows.
> 2.  The Media Center kit didn't have support for my on-board sound
> setup.  I had to dig up the driver CD for the motherboard - something I
> didn't have to do with Fedora or Mythdora.
> 3.  When I try to watch live TV I get some sort of decoder error and have
> no idea why.
> I have to admit by MythTV attempts so far haven't been without their bumps
> but I've got live TV working every time I've tried it.
> Mark.
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